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Refilament + Respool User Guide



1. Loading





A:  Take out the filament from vacuum bag, roll the filament into spool side A in clockwise.  

   Put the end of filament on the fastener.




B: Roll spool side B in 1 or 2 circles in clockwise , press the filament tightly .

  Make sure the outlet between spool side A and B are match .  




C. Pull out the filament tie, loading complete.  



2. Dismantle


A :   Insert the tie from spool side A and mark sure it get though the outlet of side B.  



B: Tie the filament , and press tightly. Make sure the blue tie is facing up.


C : Take off spool side B in anticlockwise , and took off the filament in clockwise.   Dismantle complete.



Respool stl file download here

Download link(click)

Download link(click)


Respool second generation model file download:​

Download link(click)

Download link(click)



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