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Amazing eSUN PLA 3D Printing Series by Maika Mitchell

Maikagmitchell on Twitter is a PHD in biology, she is not only very brilliant but also beautiful, published her cell biology treatise during college years.


Fascinated by 3D printing these days, the lovely girl made many exquisite portraits, architecture, and also a bone collector with brown and silver PLA. 


The printings were awesome and delicate after tens of hours’ trying and polishing, you’ll be attracted by its fine appearance totally.


Let’s look at her eSUN brown PLA printing beauties together! 


Millennium Falcon in Star wars

Nefertiti Queen chess piece

Before and after polishing

Wolverine / Logan head

PLA of eSUN 


with good toughness and strength is favored by lots of 3D printing enthusiasts and cosplayers.

It’s suitable for complex models because its low material shrinkage rate and uniform diameter.

Other printing series:

Bone collector

Rey in Star Wars 

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